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Terms and Conditions

1.   General

1.1     These general terms and conditions of sale as set out below (the “Conditions of Sale”) shall apply to Misst Jewellery’s supply to the Customer of any of the Products listed on this Website The Customers should carefully read the Conditions of sale before ordering any Products from this Website. By ordering any of Misst Jewellery’s Products, the Customer agrees to be bound by the Conditions of Sale. The Customer should print a copy of the Conditions of Sale for future reference

1.2     By clicking on the button marked ‘I accept the Terms & Conditions’ before clicking “Place Order” at the end of the Order process the Customer accepts the Conditions of Sale.

1.3    The Conditions of Sale is applicable from today, and until replaced or changed as per below.

2.   Definitions

2.1   “Customer” means the party ordering Products on the Website.

2.2   “Delivery” means when the Product(s) is/are delivered to the Customer by registered post.

2.3   “Grace Period” means the right to cancel the Order within fourteen (14) days from the day that the Customer received the Product(s) in accordance with the Swedish Distant Sales and Door-to-Door Sales Act (Sv. Distans- och hemförsäljningslagen).

2.4   “Misst Jewellery” means Madeleine plus Wiveca AB, VAT. No. [SE556855788701], [Trollenäs Gård 19, 241 92 Eslöv], which is the supplier of the Products provided on the Website.

2.5   “Product(s)” means the products provided for sale on the Website and supplied by Misst Jewellery.

2.6   ”Order” means each order placed by the Customer on the Website.

2.7   “Order Confirmation” means when the Customer receives an email from Misst Jewellery acknowledging the receipt of the Customer’s Order.

2.8   “Website” means Misst Jewellery’s website

3.   Purchase of Product(s)

3.1   Products presented on the Website are subject to availability and change without notice.

3.2   The Customer may not purchase Products on the Website, and may not accept the Conditions of Sale if the Customer is not 18 years old and therefore not able to enter into a binding agreement with Misst Jewellery. 

3.3   In order to purchase Product(s) on Misst Jewellery’s Website the Customer must confirm his or her acceptance of the Conditions of Sale.

3.4   The Customer will place an Order on the Website by adding the Product(s) to the “Add to Bag” and then go to “Checkout ”. The Customer must also confirm his or her Order by clicking on the button marked “ Place Order “ to the Customer’s Order.

3.5   The Customer’s Order for Product(s) shall be regarded as a binding offer to purchase Product(s) under the Conditions of Sale.

3.6   Orders are subject to acceptance by Misst Jewellery and availability of the ordered Product(s). If ordered Product(s) is/are not available, Misst Jewellery will notify the Customer by email and the Customer will have the option either to wait until the Product will be available from stock or to cancel the Order.

3.7   After placing an Order, the Customer will receive an email from Misst Jewellery acknowledging the receipt of the Customer’s Order (“Order Confirmation”), which will constitute a binding agreement between the Customer and Misst Jewellery. The Order Confirmation will include all details of the Product(s), price(s) of the Product(s) including VAT and any other fees, delivery date(s), delivery costs, terms for payment, information regarding the Customer’s right to cancel within the Grace Period (as set forth in section 7) and other services provided by Misst Jewellery, and the terms to cancel the Order.

4.   Price and Payment                     

4.1   The price(s) for the Product(s) is/are stated in the Order Confirmation.  

4.2   All prices in the Order Confirmation are stated in EURO or SEK and include applicable VAT and any other taxes, delivery costs and potential C.O.D fees. Purchasing Product(s) from countries outside of the European Union may also constitute payment of customs duties, which are not included in the price(s). Any customs duties payable shall be paid by the Customer to the customs or other relevant authorities in the country where the Product(s) is/are finally delivered.

4.3   The payment can be made with debit- or credit cards associated to VISA and MasterCard. The card transactions handled by Misst Jewellery payment partner, Svea Ekonomi AB. Svea Ekonomi AB garanties that you purchase will be safe and that your card information is protected with 3D Secure.

4.4   In the event of credit card payment the due amount will be drawn immediately without any additional credit card rate.

4.5   If you are registered in Sweden and above 18 years old payment can be made with invoice. To pay with invoice you must enter your personal ID number (Sv: personnummer) or your company ID number (Sv: organisationsnummer) and you cannot have any registered payment defaults (Sv: betalningsanmärkelse). All invoices are by Misst Jewellery undertaken Svea Ekonomi AB.

4.6   In the event of invoice the payment terms are 14 days.

4.7   In the event of late payment of an invoice the Customer shall pay an agreed and legal pentaly fee and a interest rate of two (2) percentage per month.

4.8   In the event of non payment of an invoice will be undertaked a debt collector (Sv: inkasso).

4.9   The prices stated on the Website and in each Order Confirmation are given with reservation for increased supplier prices, printing errors and any incorrect stated specifications.

5.   Delivery and transport

5.1   Delivery of the Product(s) will normally take place within such time period from time to time determined by Misst Jewellery for the relevant Product(s), unless otherwise agreed or set out in the Order Confirmation, and will be delivered to the Customer by registered mail (the “Delivery”). Normally the product will be delivered within a seven (7) working days from the date the product was ordered by the customer. Products that is not in stock and have to be ordered will be delivered later than within seven (7) days.

5.2 If your have ordered products with different lead-times, Misst Jewellery will wait two weeks for all products to be in stock before delivering your order. If not all products are in stock within this time period, Misst Jewellery will deliver the products separately. The customer only pays one freight rate regardless the number of deliveries.

5.2   Delivery of Orders within Sweden will be free of charge for Orders above 500SEK or 60 EURO. All other other Orders will charged with a fixed freight rate, at present 49Skr or 6 EURO.

5.3  Orders delivered outside of the European Union may be subject to customs charges and VAT in that country which is payable by the Customer.

5.4  Misst Jewellery reserves the right to adjust the freight rates and service fees as stated above  in accordance with price increases occurring during the period between the day when the Order was placed and the day of Delivery.

5.5 The risk for the Product(s) passes to the Customer upon Delivery.

5.6 If the product is defected or getting lost during the transport, Misst Jewellery is responsible for all the costs given that the customer informs Misst Jewellery about the loss or damage within 14 days. The defected product(s) should be sent back to Misst Jewellery together with a return slip by registered mail. Misst Jewellery will replace the defective product(s) by providing new product.  If the damage occurs when the customer returns the product(s), the customer is liable. If the product has not been collected at the entry service (Posten) and is being sent back to Misst Jewellery, Misst Jewellery has the right to charge the customer for all costs associated with that procedure and this should be paid within ten (10) days.



6.   Delayed delivery

6.1    Delay on behalf of Misst Jewellery exists if the Product(s) is/are not delivered or not delivered on time and the delay was not caused by the Customer, other causes for which the Customer is not liable, or Force Majeure.

6.2    Upon delay, the Customer is entitled to withhold payment and claim performance of the Order or, if the delay is of major importance to the Customer, cancel the Order.

7.   Right to Cancel within the Grace Period

7.1    The Customer has the right under the Distant Sales and Door-to-Door Sales Act (Sv: Distans- och hemförsäljningslagen 2005:59) to cancel the Order within fourteen (14) days from the day that the Customer received the Product (the “Grace Period”) (Sv: ångerrätt). If the Grace Period does not include seven (7) working days, the Customer will always have seven (7) working days in which to cancel the Order. Working days are regarded to be all days of the year apart from Saturdays, Sundays, other public holidays, Midsummer’s Eve, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.
7.2    The Grace Period is counted from the day on which the Customer received the Product. However, the Grace Period is counted, at the earliest, from the day in which the Customer received the information provided in the Order Confirmation as set out in Section 4. The right to cancel laps if the Customer has begun to use the Product(s) during the Grace Period and/or removed the seal from the Product(s).
7.3    The right to cancel is exercised by sending an email to or by contacting Misst Jewellery by phone on +46705417756. Upon cancellation of the Order the Customer shall inform Misst Jewellery about 1) order number 2) invoice number 3) title of the product the customer want to return. For the cancellation to be approved it is important that the product is essentially unchanged and being returned is its original packaging.
7.4    If the Order is cancelled within the Grace Period any fee the Customer may have paid for the Product will be refunded by Misst Jewellery within thirty (30) days from the day that Misst Jewellery received the returned Product.

8.   Liability

8.1  Product(s) is/are defective if the Product(s) deviates from what is set forth in the Order or in any respect deviates from the Customer’s legitimate expectations based upon information provided by Misst Jewellery. Unless otherwise provided for in this Agreement, the Products shall be fit for the purpose for which products of a similar kind are generally used, and possess the characteristics, which Misst Jewellery has referred to by providing samples or models.

8.2    The Product shall also be deemed to be defective if Misst Jewellery, prior to the sale, failed to inform the Customer of a matter relating to the characteristics or use of the Product of which Misst Jewellery was aware or should have been aware, and about which the Customer could reasonably expect to be informed, provided that such failure can be presumed to have influenced the purchase.

8.3   If Product(s) is/are defective the Customer has the right to claim repair, re-delivery, price reduction or compensation to rectify the defect, withhold payment, or, if the defect is of major importance to the Customer, cancel the Order.

8.4 Misst Jewellery has primarily the right to offer repair or re-delivery if it can be made within reasonable time and without any additional costs for the Customer.

8.5    Misst Jewellery is only responsible for original defects, which means that the defect existed prior to the time the Product was purchased or delivered. Within a limit of six (6) months the defective Product is considered to be an original defect, which must be remedied by Misst Jewellery free of charge, unless Misst Jewellery can prove that the defect was not present at the time of the sale. After six months period the Customer must prove that the Product had the original defect at the Delivery.

9.   Returns

9.1   The Customer must make a complaint of the defective Product(s) to Misst Jewellery within reasonable time after the defect was discovered (Sv: reklamation).

9.2   The Customer must notify Misst Jewellery and explain why he or she considers the Product(s) to be defective. If the complaint is made within two (2) months after the defect was discovered it is always made on due date. After one (1) year the Customer has lost his or her right to make a complaint, unless no warranty states otherwise.

9.3   The Customer must order a return slip from Misst Jewellery and filling out the return slip, and sending the defective Product(s) to Misst Jewellery by registered mail.

9.4    Misst Jewellery will bear the return costs if the Product(s) is/are defective or wrongly delivered. Misst Jewellery will replace the defective product (s) by providing a new product(s).

9.5    If repair or re-delivery is not made within a reasonable time after the complaint was made, the Customer has the right to claim price reduction or to cancel the purchase of the relevant Product(s).

9.6   The right to cancel is exercised by sending an email to or by calling +46 705417756. Upon cancellation of the purchase of the relevant Product(s), the Customer shall return the Product(s) in accordance with the return procedure stated above.

10.  Contact

Madeleine plus Wiveca AB


Phone number: +46705417756

Address: Trollenäs Gård 17, 241 92 Eslöv, Sweden

VAT No: SE556855788701